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Angela Brien School Of Irish Dancing
Bailie School of Irish Dancing
Bergin Academy of Irish dance
Boyer School of Irish Dance
Bradley Dance Academy
Breffni Academy of Irish Dance
Campbell Academy Of Irish Dancing
Carroll-Mahon Academy of Irish Dancing
Catherine McDonnell School
Central Florida Irish Dance, USA
Clann Academy of Irish Dancing
Cullen School of Irish Dancing
Cummings School Of Irish Dancing
Daniels Bell Academy of Irish dancing
Dowling School
Ellis-Parr Irish Dance Academy
Ennis & Clarke-Goodman Irish Dance Academy
Fanning School Of Irish Dancing
Ferry School
Fitzsimons Academy
Ganley School
Garvey School
Geraldine Clifford School
Harte School of Dancing
Hunter Academy
Irish Dance Academy of Sarasota
Kelley Byrne School Of Irish Dancing
Lee-Byrne Academy
Lil Tully School
Lindsey School of Irish Dance - An Comhdhail USA
Lisa Kelly School
Maguire School Of Dancing
Malone School
Marshall Academy
McCann School
McCormack Fay Academy of Irish Dancing
McErlean School of Irish Dancing
McFadden-O'Shaughnessy School Of Irish Dancing
McGrath Flood School Of Irish Dancing
McKenna Dance Academy
McKenna School of Irish Dancing
McKenna School Of Irish Dancing (Munster)
McKinney Academy of Irish Dance
McNicholl School
McQuillan School
Meehan School Of Irish Dancing
Monahan School
Mowlds Academy
Mulcahy-Bible School Of Irish Dancing
Murtagh School of Irish Dancing
Ní Cholmaín Academy
O'Brien School Of Irish Dancing
O'Neill Academy
Power School of Irish Dancing Waterford
Quinn School
Redmond Academy of Irish Dance
Reynolds Academy of Irish Dancing
Robinson School Of Irish Dancing
Rose School Of Irish Dancing
Ryan School of Irish Dancing
Savage/ Boyle School
Scoil Rince Chill Dara (S.R.C.D)
Scoil Rince Ni Dhuinn
Scoil Rince Ni Doirbhin
Scoil Rince Rithim
Scoil Rince Seoige
Scoil Rince Ui Bhrannagain
Serena Ni Chuana
Shauna McGauran School of Irish Dance
Smith School
Steen School Of Irish Dancing
The Dowling School of Irish Dancing
The Gillespie School
Tierney-Dolan School
Watson Twin Academy

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